Report on the courtesy visit to the DG, NITDA

Report on the courtesy visit to the Director General (DG), National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)

The above visit to the DG, NITDA was received as an invitation for a presentation which was hosted by the Director, Infrastructure and Technical Support Services, Dr.  Agu Collins Agu representing the DG, NITDA, Dr. Isa Ibrahim.  The presentation which lasted for about 40 minutes, was held at the office of the Director ITSS on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 by 11.45am. The ITSSP dignitaries led by Dr. Paschal Chinedu, who were received by the Management of NITDA, for the presentation are Mrs Egbo, and Mr. Akinsola. In attendance with the Director, ITSS, were two officers among whom is Mr. Michael.

The meeting which was convened at the instance of Mr Michael was aimed at familiarising NITDA with the programs and objectives of ITSSP in order to establish possible areas for strategic partnership and sponsorship. In his speech, the Director, ITSS, Dr. Agu appreciated that the Agency received the letter and request from ITSSP, and thought the need to fine tune some of the requests. He further directed that the meeting should take the form of open interactive discussion which should be made brief and exact to the point due to the pressure from the enormous task and meetings before him.

In his speech, Dr. Paschal Chinedu introduced himself, other members of the delegation as well as the organisation ITSSP. He went on to state, the group’s mission to seek strategic partnership and sponsorship from NITDA in some of her intended programmes. He references the letter (dated November 17, 2016) from the group which was earlier sent in to the attention of the DG, NITDA on the said purpose. To this end, the group highlighted the following noteworthy areas where NITDA intervention and partnership would be required. These include:

  • NITDA Partnership and sponsorship in hosting training events for the skilling and certification of IT professionals on Information System security.
  • NITDA Partnership and sponsorship for Cyber Security awareness and enlightenment programme for Tertiary Institutions (Including student and Faculty members).
  • Approval for the use of NITDA’s Conference and Traning room for Abuja Certification Programmes

In reaction to the above requests, the Director, ITSS demanded that the group should come out to NITDA with what type of support, and in which areas of Information security would the group require these partnership? He further noted and highlighted in the course of the discussion the possibility for NITDA partnership in the following specific areas:

  • Development of Manpower in the area of Cyber Security
  • Provision of training facility/ Venue
  • Financial Support to facilitate Cyber Security trainings

The Director straight on interjected by arguing that there is a complete paradigm shift; the new NITDA administration is not interested in sponsor any IT related projects or programmes unlike the former administration, but would pay close attention to IT skill developments through continuing capacity building programme in relevant areas of IT where she intends to engage stakeholders. In appreciation and furtherance of the proposed area of interest, the Director unveiled that much of the NITDA 2017 budget votes concentrated on capacity building programme. Thus, the following guideline was provided to help ITSSP capture the required set of information while forwarding specific request(s) for programme partnership or sponsorship by NITDA:

  • Training facilities/ Hub availability or need of ITSSP
  • Training Curricula for various programmes on ground
  •  Instructors’ profiles or CV’s of the Trainers
  • Highlights of measures of the deliverables of the training.
  • How do you measure impact (in terms of monitor/ evaluate people trained.
  • Identified areas for capacity building/ partnership e.g. Cyber Security, Python, IoT, etc.
  • Identified career paths to the various named programmes and
  • Highlights of the minimum qualification or skill level for engagement (not necessary degree requirements).


Sequel to the requests, and expected document or proposals from ITSSP, Mr Michael instructed that our proposals should have all our prayers clearly stated in bullet points and concise. Therefore, the meeting was brought to an end at 12.25pm.

Summited for your information, necessary guidance and further action, sir.


Dr. Paschal Chinedu

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