The Information Technology Systems & Security Professionals (ITSSP) was
established as an INTEREST GROUP of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS)
in January 2014 with specific focus on Information Security in Nigeria.

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the GROUP shall be the general advancement and development of Information Security as a whole. It shall seek to impose professional responsibilities on its members and encourage them to support works that are imperative to the general community and the profession at large and also confer valuable professional advantages and privileges. The specific objectives of the group shall be as follows:

  1. To constantly engage government, industries, military and other agencies on the need to develop Information Security in Nigeria
  2. To promote the education and training Information Security.
  3. To promote the interchange of information about the science and arts of information security.
  4. To advise members, governments, other competent authorities and the general public, on national and international policy matters affecting the information security.
  5. To contribute to the formulation of Information Security programmes and policies in Nigeria.
  6. To be an advocacy group in the area of Information Security.
  7. To develop the competence of members and encourage integrity among members who are engaged in the practice of Information Security and Secure Computing.
  8. To actively encourage research in the Information Security.
  9. To constantly evolve strategies for creating information security awareness within the public.
  10. To promote and protect the interests of its members professionally.
  11. To build global affiliations; to cooperate with similar professional organizations throughout the world, and to receive, render or reciprocate such services as are beneficial to and consistent with the objectives of the Profession.
  12. To be positioned as the sole representative of members of the Profession in all negotiations and consultations with the Federal, State and Local governments and their agencies on matters of policy affecting the conduct and practice of the information security profession and industry.
  13. To collaborate with relevant governments, institutions and organisations in proffering solutions to the issues of the “Information system and security”.
  14. To run certification programme gears towards developing skills and knowledge in Information Security